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Our Free Wudu Guide has launched! The beginner level is complete and is available at the app store for download.
The beginner level details the main steps of wudu, and is presented with pictures and audio. Ideal for beginners and children.

To visit the iTunes preview page, click this link: Wudu Guide Page at apple.com
To open the App page in iTunes, click this link: Open Wudu Guide in iTunes

The Wudu Guide is an intuitive and interactive educational multimedia application on Islamic Minor Ritual Purification (Wudu). Although this is the first release of level one, we aim to have an excellent guide that is comprehensive and detailed spread across 3 levels to cater for a wide variety of users: from children and new Muslims to those interested in gaining a greater understanding of as many aspects of wudu as possible. Novel features include choosing between guided tour and free control, audio and video materials as well as a user preference option for the desired level of complexity. In this first level you will have all the basic knowledge you require to make wudu.

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